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Drum Lessons

Are you an aspiring or working drummer?

Drink182 is now offering premier percussion and drum lessons to:

  • novice drummers
  • weekend warriors
  • anyone wishing to make drumming ‘easier’

Lance Saxerud has been drumming with Drink182 for over 5 years and brings over 30 years percussion and drum set experience to lessons. His professional background includes numerous stage shows, musicals, operas, symphonic/ orchestral performances in over 11 countries, and on 3 continents. While earning a Bachelor’s in Music from the University of Arizona, Lance was able to make musical and academic connections all around the country, and across the pond with many heavy hitters in the area of percussion. In one year, he had 35 different plane flights – played in 8 countries – and gave clinics in 3 states.

Based now in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lance has worked extensively with the percussion programs at Minnetonka High School and Totino-Grace in the capacity of Ensemble and Artistic Director for both marching and indoor percussion programs. His teaching methods are focused on building the student coordination and flow, while imparting useful tools to breakdown and tackle any challenging musical forms for themselves.

What you can expect in lessons:

  • an introduction/review of technique
  • tailored exercises for how your mind learns
  • rapid development and more freedom of motion
  • tools for breaking down complicated patterns
  • an immense sense of achievement and well-being
  • fun

If all that sounds appealing to you – and you are looking for a boost-up in your drumming – please book a call or an intro lesson.

Thanks for stopping by – I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon. : )